Deceased March 17, 2022


Saoirse x Flash of Gold

GVHS  GV08146

GHA  GHA00476

GHRA  B00002116

Accession #: H10-02608

GHRA First Premium mare, score 87


It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of our beloved Serenity. She had colic complications at the end of her pregnancy. Too much intestinal damage was done by the time we got her help (a two hour drive to the nearest equine surgical facility). That, coupled with the cesarean delivery performed to see what was happening inside left her with a 20 percent chance of survival. We couldn't ask our girl to go through this, so we let her go. Our hearts are broken for her loss. She did leave us her legacy, Serena. Serena will be with us for all her days. Bless you, Serentiy, we will mourn your loss for years to come.

Serenity comes to us from our friends at TNT Gypsy Horses. Serenity was born in August 2009 and is a very, very traditional type. She is a stunning and sweet, sweet mare. Very low key, gentle and willing. Serenity is registered with GHA and GHRA. Serenity was bred to Flynn in 2015 and gave us a beautiful 2016 filly, The Friday Filly.  

Comments from her recent evaluation include "Fabulous head, very feminine," "The best shoulders you can wish for," "Excellent strong level back," "Very good rump/tail set."  We are very pleased with the results of Serenity's evaluation.   

Color testing: ee Aa nT

PSSM: n/n 

Height  14.2 hands

Cannon bone circumference 10.5 inches