Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flynn

2021 Stud Fee - $2000

Spot x Watsons Old Horse


GHRA B00000272

GHRA First Premium Stallion, Score 84

Accession 3: H06-05777


Meet our AMAZING stallion, Flynn. Full of character and charm, he is the basis of our breeding program.  Flynn is from the well-known Robert Watson herd, sired by Watson's Old Horse aka Lad, a Roadsweeper line, and dna also confirming a connection to the Producer lines possibly on the dam's side. 

Flynn has done very well in the show ring, wining multiple halter and performance competitions. He does us proud every time we take him out. Comments on his recent evaluation included "Very expressive eye, gentle and kind," "Amazing length of neck, not over done," "Exceptional shoulder and muscle," "The best of top lines," "Extremely powerful looking." We are very pleased with his results.

Flynn is available to a limited number of outside mares for breeding. Stud fee $2000, includes a $500 booking fee. Collection and shipping fees extra, call or email for current prices.

DNA Testing: Ee, nT, PSSM n/n

Cannon Bone circumference 13.5 inches

Height 15.1 hands

Weight 1400 lbs