Flynt Hylls Gypsy Fee Bee

SD Unnamed Mare x SD Chief


GHRA A00000494

Accession #: H08-07918

Fee Bee was our second mare, purchased as a 2 year old. She is stands 14.1 hands, and is a powerhouse and also the most athletic horse on the farm. Fee Bee is a great riding horse as well as a broodmare. She has done some jumping and has been started in reining work. This girl LOVES to run and has the quick moves. She gives her whole heart to her job. She is a great, all-around mare. 

Fee Bee's sire is SD Chief, and her dam is an unnamed mare of the SD herd. She has great breeding and bloodlines behind her. 


DNA Testing: Ee aa nT PSSM n/n

PSSM: n/n

Height: 14.1 hands

Some of Fee Bee's Past Foals

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