Emmy Blu, filly

Foaled June 5, 2015

Sundance Kid's Rosetta x Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flynn

SOLD!! Congratulations Jillian!

Emmy Blu should finish well over 15 hands and will be absolutely stunning as a mature mare. She truly inherited the best of both parents. This girl has massive bone and is such a sweet girl. She is bay and white, with some black in her tail, some black spots in her mane, and a little black top knot. She also has one blue eye, and a bald face. She is just gorgeous!

We have been doing our usual baby training with Emmy and she is proving to be one very smart and willing little girl! At just over one month old she is leading pretty nicely, and stands quiet to be hosed down. She doesn't fuss when we pick up her feet or handle her anywhere. And she responded very positively to our very first attempt at giving to pressure and following through. This girl is going to be a very easy trainer.  

Emmy has had lots of handling and training. She leads nicely and absolutely LOVES to be around people. She walked over a bridge the first time I asked her. And she stands very nicely for the farrier. She also did great with the clippers for the first time this summer

Someone is going to have a very, very nice horse in this girl! Emmy is weaned and ready to go to her new home. I can't believe someone hasn't already snatched up this gorgeous, BIG Gypsy!!

Pictures from January 2016. Please excuse the mud!

Pictures from October 2015, 4 months old and already huge!.  GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS!!!

Photos take August 1, 2015. Almost two months old! Wow, what a looker this one is already7

Photos at one month old.

Photos at one day old.