Flynt Hylls GypsyDark Superstitions

2021 Stud Fee - $2000

Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flash x Flynt Hylls GypsyFlynn

GVHS GV07270

GHRA B00001659

Accession #: H14-07282

GHRA Evaluation score 71, Second Premium, 3 years old


Dark Superstitions is a very, very nice colt. The pairing of Flash X Flynn consistently gives us some of the nicest horses we've seen from any breeding program. Dark Superstitions is the quality we look for to continue to build a breeding program of the highest standards and in keeping with the proper Gypsy Cob/Vanner. 

Dark Superstitions was put through the GHRA evaluations this spring as a 3 year old and we are pleased with his score. We fully expect him to score First Premium/FIVE STAR when he is more mature. 

DS bred his first mare in 2016, Tribecca. We have since put him to a few mares each year. DS seems to throw alot of color into his foals, and of course passes on his tremendous bone and lots of feather in his foals.

Stud fee $2000.

Color genetics:

Height: 14.3 1/2

PSSM: n/n

Cannon Bone Circumference:

Top photo from July 2016.

Bottom photo from July 2015. Wowza!!!

Updated photos from March 2015. What a super boy Dark Superstitions is growing up to be. And he is proving to have a great mind like his father. We are very happy with this guy. 

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