2013 Filly Cute E Bee

Fee Bee X Flynn

February 17, 2013


Should finish 14.2 to 15 hands.


This little girl boasts SD farm and Robert Watson farm bloodlines. Grandsires include SD Chief and Watson's Old Horse AKA Lad. And with both parents being accomplished show horses, Cute E Bee is bound to be a champion in her own right.

She is inquisitive and curious, and LOVES attention. She is sure a sweetheart. As she sheds out she has lots of roaning in the flanks.

Cute E Bee should finish between 14.2 and 15 hands; on the bigger side so she should be a great multi-purpose using horse.

Mama loves to jump, and daddy is a great dressage horse. Maybe Cute E will combine the two and be an amazing eventing horse! She has already shown an affinity for jumping.  

Above pics from September 2013.