We have found a great need in the USA for education on what makes a really nice cob/vanner. Most Americans are infatuated with the hair and the colors, but know little about the basic conformation qualities. Due to this lack of knowledge many end up buying a "pretty" horse that is of poor quality overall. These horses still deserve love and companionship, but are not worth the higher price tag of a well bred, well put together horse.

My friend, Carol Smettem, and I put together this series of videos during our trip to Appleby Horse Fair in 2019. For many, many years Carol has been a friend of those in the Romany culture that developed this breed. She has spent countless hours talking to well respected and well known Romany breeders to document the conformation and qualities valued in the cob. Carol was deeply involved in the the early days of the cob/vanner coming to the USA. She has traveled to the USA to judge many of our shows, and to train judges and breeders on the qualities to strive for. Carol is well respected on both sides of the pond. 

Please peruse our videos. We had a great time making them. I hope you enjoy viewing them. 

Of note, the horse being used as our example is an 8 year old stallion owned by Carol. His name is Jim.