Have you always wanted to meet a Gypsy Horse in person? They have the most amazing personalities, and their beauty cannot be truly appreciated through any picture.
Here you will find dates, times, and locations where you can meet a Gypsy Horse in person, and experience for yourself what the Gypsy is about. Be sure to look for us, Flynt Hylls Gypsies, and introduce yourself as a follower of our farm. 


We invite you to come to our farm open house Saturday, October 10 from 9 AM to 3 PM and meet these amazing horses in person! Meet the horses and the family of Flynt Hylls Gypsy Horses. Learn about the breed and what makes them so special!

We are hosting an open house and inviting everyone to come join us. Help us celebrate our continued years of breeding, raising, showing, and working with these beautiful horses. Come back every year to see how the NEW FARM has grown and changed!

Activities include:

  • Refreshments/Lunch (a nominal fee is asked)
  • Demonstrations
  • Rides ($)
  • Horse Meet and Greet (we’ll even have some new babies!)


Here is a link to some of the great foundation horses of our breed. Thank you to those who contributed to putting this site together. Some of these horses can be found in the lineage of several of our stock.


Check the reported pedigree of any horse here:  


Here are links to some of our fellow small breeders. 



We will add to this page as we come across information that could be helpful to Gypsy Horse owners.