Gelding, 15 hands



Meet Bronson. We purchased Bronson for use in our parties program. Unfortunately, the party business has not taken off as anticipated.

We have shown him and taken him in parades. Bronson is NOT a beginner's or child's horse as he does occasionally buck. He needs a confident and/or experienced rider. He has nice ground manners and is easy to handle. He has some arthritis in one stifle and does, on occasion, move that leg a little "off."

He is registered with GHRA, born in 2008. So 12 years old. I bought him in 2017.

Here is what I know about Bronson and his past. 

Bronson was previously a therapeutic riding horse, ridden primarily by an autistic boy. When we acquired him I spoke with his trainer who said she never had issues with him and he did arena and trails just fine.

Per his medical records, he was evaluated in 2015 at Univ of Minnesota for right hindlimb lameness and right gluteal muscle atrophy. When trotting he held his tail off to the right. Osteoarthritis diagnosed in the right stifle.  Treated with injection of Hyaluronic acid and triamcinolone. Lameness improved for a few weeks following injection. Had previously received massage and chiropractic work.

Recommend treatment of adequan, 1 vial every 4 days for the first 30 days then 1 vial per month. Injections given IM. 

As for our personal experience. We have not provided any medical treatment. His owner prior to us left him to pasture and did not provide any medical treatment. My daughter rode him pretty regular for about 45 days. We took him to a show and did a parade with him that same year. He got a little goosey one time at the show in the warm up arena then went on to take first place in the English under Saddle class. He also got a little jumpy when we first started out at the parade but was caught early and never bucked. We did use him as a lesson horse a few times. He was good in the round pen. When we took him to the open arena, the rider wasn't real secure (very beginner), and he hopped a couple times, throwing her further off, then bucked her off.  We can't use him as a lesson horse again. He does seem to be better the more regularly he is rode. Due to life Bronson has not been rode in about 2 years.