Flynt Hylls Brandywine by Ainsley

Flynt Hylls Gypsy Trinket x Feathergait Farms Ainsley
May 10, 2014

Riding mare, green broke, will need a refresher

in foal to Razzle Dazzle of Congress Hillfor April 2023


GHRA B00002154

GVHS 09327

Accession #: H17-06411


We are proud to introduce Brandy into our breeding program. Brandy represents Flynt Hylls Gypsy Horses coming full circle, bringing back one of our own farm descendants to be a new part of our program. Brandy's mother, Trinket, is a daughter of Tribecca x Flynn! The quality we breed into our offspring really shows in this second generation mare.

We are excited to watch Brandy grow into her full maturity. Thank you, Yvonne Burkholder and Feathergait Farms for giving us the opportunity to bring this girl back home to Kansas. 

Brandywine is double Watson bred, some of the best breeding to come from across the pond. 

Color genetics:

PSSM: n/n

cannon bone circumfrence: